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Publié le 20 février 2015


TRIM37 is a new histone H2A ubiquitin ligase and breast cancer oncoprotein
Bhatnagar S, Gazin C, Chamberlain L, Ou JH, Zhu XC, Tushir JS, Virbasius CM, Lin L, Zhu LHJ, Wajapeyee N, Green MR
Receptor kinase profiles identify a rationale for multitarget kinase inhibition in immature T-ALL
Lhermitte L, Ben Abdelali R, Villarese P, Bedjaoui N, Guillemot V, Trinquand A, Libura M, Bedin AS, Petit A, Dombret H, Leverger G, Ifrah N, Hermine O, Macintyre E, Asnafi V
Learning a Markov Logic network for supervised gene regulatory network inference
Brouard C, Vrain C, Dubois J, Castel D, Debily MA, d'Alche-Buc F
Mediator links transcription and DNA repair by facilitating Rad2/XPG recruitment
Eyboulet F, Cibot C, Eychenne T, Neil H, Alibert O, Werner M, Soutourina J
Genomic binding of Pol III transcription machinery and relationship with TFIIS transcription factor distribution in mouse embryonic stem cells
Carriere L, Graziani S, Alibert O, Ghavi-Helm Y, Boussouar F, Humbertclaude H, Jounier S, Aude J C, Keime C, Murvai J, Foglio M, Gut M, Gut I, Lathrop M, Soutourina J, Gerard M, Werner M
Transcriptome analysis of muscle in horses suffering from recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis revealed energetic pathway alterations and disruption in the cytosolic calcium regulation
Barrey E, Jayr L, Mucher E, Gospodnetic S, Joly F, Benech P, Alibert O, Gidrol X, Mata X, Vaiman A, Guerin G
A Synthetic Interaction Screen Identifies Factors Selectively Required for Proliferation and TERT Transcription in p53-Deficient Human Cancer Cells
Xie L, Gazin C, Park SM, Zhu LHJ, Debily MA, Kittler ELW, Zapp ML, Lapointe D, Gobeil S, Virbasius CM, Green MR
Characterization of the transcriptional signature of C/EBPbeta isoforms (LAP/LIP) in Hep3B cells  Implication of LIP in pro-survival functions
Saint-Auret G, Danan J L, Hiron M, Blache C, Sulpice E, Tendil S, Daveau M, Gidrol X, Sailer J P
Graph Constrained Discriminant Analysis  A New Method for the Integration of a Graph into a Classification Process
Guillemot V, Tenenhaus A, Le Brusquet L, Frouin V
Large Scale RNAi Screen Reveals That the Inhibitor of DNA Binding 2 (ID2) Protein Is Repressed by p53 Family Member p63 and Functions in Human Keratinocyte Differentiation
Wu N, Castel D, Debily M A, Vigano M A, Alibert O, Mantovani R, Iljin K, Romeo P H, Gidrol X
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