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Publié le 20 février 2015


The regulatory role of the tetrapeptide AcSDKP in skin and hair physiology and the prevention of ageing effects in these tissues a potential cosmetic role
Hajem N, Chapelle A, Bignon J, Pinault A, Liu JM, Salah-Mohellibi N, Lati E, Wdzieczak-Bakala J
Spotlight on skin physiology  from molecular controls of cell fate to normal tissue or pathological states
Fortunel NO
Monitoring the cycling activity of cultured human keratinocytes using a CFSE-based dye tracking approach.
Chadli L, Cadio E, Vaigot P, Martin M T, Fortunel N O
Functional interplay between p63 and p53 controls RUNX1 function in the transition from proliferation to differentiation in human keratinocytes
Masse I, Barbollat-Boutrand L, Molina M, Berthier-Vergnes O, Joly-Tonetti N, Martin MT, de Fromentel CC, Kanitakis J, Lamartine J
Cellular organization of the human epidermal basal layer  Clues sustaining a hierarchical model
Fortunel NO, Martin MT
FGF2 mediates DNA repair in epidermoid carcinoma cells exposed to ionizing radiation
Marie M, Hafner S, Moratille S, Vaigot P, Mine S, Rigaud O, Martin MT
Cellular adhesion on collagen  a simple method to select human basal keratinocytes which preserves their high growth capacity
Fortunel N O, Chadli L, Bourreau E, Cadio E, Vaigot P, Marie M, Deshayes N, Rathman-Josserand M, Leclaire J, Martin M T
Investigating human keratinocyte stem cell identity
Chadli L, Martin M T, Fortunel N O
Skin physiology  crossroads for a multidisciplinary science
Fortunel N O
CD98hc (SLC3A2) is a key regulator of keratinocyte adhesion
Lemaitre G, Stella A, Feteira J, Baldeschi C, Vaigot P, Martin M T, Monsarrat B, Waksrnan G
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