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Publié le 20 février 2015


In vitro assessment of plutonium uptake and release using the human macrophage-like THP-1 cells.
Van der Meeren A, Moureau A, Laurent D, Laroche P, Angulo JF
Penetration and decontamination of americium-241 ex vivo using fresh and frozen pig skin.
Tazrart A., Bolzinger M.A., Moureau A., Molina T., Coudert S., Angulo J.F., Briancon S., Griffiths N.M.
Organ Dose Estimates for Hyperthyroid Patients Treated with (131)I: An Update of the Thyrotoxicosis Follow-Up Study.
Melo D.R., Brill A.B., Zanzonico P., Vicini P., Moroz B., Kwon D., Lamart S., Brenner A., Bouville A., Simon S.L.
S values for 131I based on the ICRP adult voxel phantoms.
Lamart S., Simon SL., Bouville A., Moroz B.E., Lee C.
Body size-specific effective dose conversion coefficients for ct scans.
Romanyukha A., Folio L., Lamart S., Simon S.L., Lee C.
Reconstruction of organ dose for external radiotherapy patients in retrospective epidemiologic studies.
Lee C., Jung J.W., Pelletier C., Pyakuryal A., Lamart S., Kim J.O., Lee C.
Decorporation of Pu/Am Actinides by Chelation Therapy: New Arguments in Favor of an Intracellular Component of DTPA Action.
Grémy O., Laurent D., Coudert S., Griffiths N.M., Miccoli L.
Forecasting the in vivo behavior of radiocontaminants of unknown physicochemical properties using a simple in vitro test
Griffiths NM, Coudert S, Moureau A, Laroche P, Angulo JF, Van der Meeren A. ,
Griffiths NM, Coudert S, Wilk JC, Renault D, Angulo JF, van der Meeren A
Actinide handling after wound entry with local or systemic decorporation therapy in the rat
Griffiths NM, Coudert S, Renault D, Wilk JC, van der Meeren A
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