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Publié le 20 février 2015


Cytokinesis breaks dicentric chromosomes preferentially at pericentromeric regions and telomere fusions
Lopez V, Barinova N, Onishi M, Pobiega S, Pringle JR, Dubrana K, Marcand S
How do telomeres and NHEJ coexist?
Marcand S
End-joining inhibition at telomeres requires the translocase and polySUMO-dependent ubiquitin ligase Uls1
Lescasse R, Pobiega S, Callebaut I, Marcand S
Dicentric breakage at telomere fusions
Pobiega S, Marcand S
Multiple pathways inhibit NHEJ at telomeres
Marcand S, Pardo B, Gratias A, Cahun S, Callebaut I